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How many games can a 20GB XBox 360 hold?


I want to get an Xbox 360 but the 60 GB and 120 GB are way out of my price range. i was wondering how many games can a 20 GB hold. im not that big of a player I may have 10 games at the most. will i be okay?
when i say games i mean games you buy at walmart, gamestop, ect. i really dont plan on downloading demos i heard they take up more space than actual games.

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  1. What games are you talking about? demos, Xbox live downloadable mini games or illegally downloaded games or what?

    Well either way the 20gb will get you by fine if your not doing a crapload of downloading constantly and the save files will not take up much space so you should be ok

  2. 20GB HDD? games are around 5GB or L4D types are about 4GB so maybe around 3-4 games cause u only get 13.6GB with a 20GB cause ithe rest of the 6GB is for system settings or somthing I have a 20GB

  3. If your only going to play the games then 20 is more then enough. If you want to install the games to the harddrive you still need the disc to play even when you do this then 2 games. And 20gb is enough space for demos and arcade games, especially if you have fast internet. Arcade demos dont take up much space you could probably download all of them even with the 20gb

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