Home Playstation Forum how much should i sell my ps3 for?

how much should i sell my ps3 for?


i want to sell my ps3 for 280 with 2 controllers and 8 games: Fifa soccer 11, batman arkham asylum, saints row 2 , god of war 1 and 2,call of duty black ops, uncharted drakes fortune, and call of duty modern warfer 2. how much should i sell it for? i need answers ASAP
is a slim 120 gigs

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  1. That price is good considering a refurbished ps3 can go for 249 -299. but is it a slim or old. and how many gigs.

    If its 120 or up (slim) you can sell it for more. And if the system looks good and performs well, you should try for 299. If its a old one you should go for 199 – 279

    And where you sell it matters, i would use ebay. You can try for your max price and if it doesnt sell, just bring it down

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