Home Xbox Forum How to fix a full circle scratch on a x-box 360 game?

How to fix a full circle scratch on a x-box 360 game?


I was playing GTA 4 online when my dog came into my room and waked into the internet cable which knocked my 360 down about 1.5 to 2 feet where it landed on my bed. My console shut off because the power cable also got disconnected, When I restarted my console it said that it couldn’t read the disc and when I took the disc out. perfect circle scratch. What are some inexpensive ways to fix these scratches? Also is there any products that can be used to avoid these scratches?

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  1. Well, you can probably call Microsoft and lie and say the 360 scratched your disc while it was just sitting there. I think it would be pretty hard to fix a full circle scratch.

  2. well,there’s no way to fix it, unfortunately.i had mine scratched when i turn the xbox360 from horizontal position to vertical while the disc is running inside.i have no problem with ps2 but this xbox360 is sooo fragile!anyway,i went back to the gameshop n told the manager tat he sold me inferior console which cause game disc to scratch.he offer to change new disc for me.tat’s all.

  3. 1)you would want to exchange the game

    2)get the pads for the xbox 360 at llamas.com

    or 3) get a disc doctor it might work

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