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How to play a game downloaded to my xbox 360 hard drive?


I have a 60gb hard drive so I decided to download cod4 to it as I have 1 copy of the game and 2 xbox’s ( one is my sons ). I thought that way I could play against him without the expense of buying another copy. It downloaded, and used 6.7gb, but when I go into my saved game data and it gives me the option to ‘play game’ it says insert disk. I thought I might be able to put the disk in just as proof of ownership then eject but this just returned me back to the dashboard. Is it possible to play a game from hard drive or am I wasting gb’s? And whats the point of downloading, if not?

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  1. You can play from Hard Drive, once it’s on there it will play from there even if the disc is in. The disc is in to prevent piracy (playing a game on a 360 even if you haven’t bought it).

    Installing it:

    Reduces wear and tear

    Reduces drive noise

    Speeds up loading times

  2. Saving the game to the hard drive doesn’t mean you can play it off the hard drive. Saving it to the hard drive will just make the game load faster when you put the game disc in, it also reduces noise outputted from the console. This is useful for a game like Fallout 3 so everything loads in less than half the time.

    Well have fun in COD4!

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