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How was HALO and Call of Duty on PS3?


I am getting a PS3 for my bday and I’m obsessed with video games. (especially The Legend of Zelda). I want the games Halo and Call of Duty. What are your opinions on them?

HALO is avalible on the PS3 I looked it up, as you can see here: [url is not allowed]

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  1. halo is an xbox only game so if you are getting a ps3 you are out of luck. the call of duty games are a lot of fun, even more so if you play online. enjoy.

  2. It really depends on the kind of multiplayer person you are. Zelda doesnt have a multiplayer system so i cant really tell but if you like leveling up a character and getting him/her better weapons and attachments and camos and facepaint and scopes and perks and equipment and killstreaks and all this other cool crap like tomahawks and crossbows you should go with playing call of duty more(my personal choice :D)

    If you like killing people to get points so you can make your armor purple instead of blue and if you get 1,000,000,000 points then you can make your helmet emit cool electric bolts (that dont do damage!) then play halo:reach P.S halo does have a few classes but you cant change them at all but they have some cool perks like invisability and a jetpack.

    GO COD!

  3. Halo is NOT on the PS3, it is developed and published by Micro$oft (Bungie), and Micro$oft would NEVER allow thier exclusive game to go to another system. Bungie has since become thier own studio, which means they can make games for whoever they want, but Halo is still a Micro$oft product, therefore Bungie is not allowed to make Halo games (games named Halo) for anyone other than Micro$oft.

    The link you supplied is a fake. All you have to do is a search for Halo, and you will find out it is not available on the PS3. Try to buy a PS3 version, and not only will you not find it available, but if you are in a store, they will laugh at you. That is like trying to buy God of War on the Xbox.

    As far as COD is concerned, it is the #1 selling third party FPS game, so that should tell you all you need to know.

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