Home Playstation Forum i got modern warfare 2 early?

i got modern warfare 2 early?


hey i got modern warfare 2 early from a local game store and i went to take my reservation off at gamestop. the guy at gamestop told me that if i play online early than activision will ban my entire internet provider from playing online. i just want to know if this is true or possible because i have already played online. matter of fact im already level 19

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  1. The version I heard is that ANYONE playing it before the release date will have ALL their stats reset to zero. To be more specific:

    XBOX 360: Anyone playing online will be permanently banned. Anyone playing single player (and not onine) will have achievements reset.

    PS3: Anyone playing online will have their stats reset. Anyone playing single player will not receive any trophies until AFTER the release date.

    I also got it early, and I only ended up getting 12% of the trophies, even though I know I earned more. Anyway, you should be okay for now, so don’t worry.

  2. They won’t ban you as you bought a legal copy of the game. They have only been banning users with a modded Xbox360 so far (Look on your local craigslist and you’ll see a ton of them for sale). However, they are talking about resetting the leaderboards and stats for the game before launch so you will end up losing whatever you earn online.

    They won’t ban your ISP as many others out there use your ISP to play their games and would be stupid for them to do.

    As far as your reservation at gamestop, just push the reservation on another game that you want to pre-order and they can do that for you.

  3. If you have a legit copy, with an Unmoded xbox you will be safe to play online,

    MS made fake copies of MW2, online so when pple burn them the get banned 1st.

    You should be safe tho.

  4. actuall an estimated 2,000 + people already have it out. stop playing it immediatly. what you heard IS TRUE. i know you can wait 3 days. better safe then sorry

  5. Its not supposed to be out until November 10th. Whether or not Activision will ban the ISP themselves I don’t know, but you yourself could definitely get banned if you’re not supposed to have it yet.

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