Home Xbox Forum i have a problem, either in my tv or 360 and ps3?

i have a problem, either in my tv or 360 and ps3?


whenever i play with my ps3 or 360 i have these red spots on the tv next to dark spaces like for example when i play gears of war i see alot of red spots on the screen. so i always see redspots whenever i stand next to darkplaces in any game and on the ps3 or 360 and i also use a component cable and still shows red spots and i used an hdmi for both and still shows red spots so plz help. btw: my tv is a 32 inch samsung LCD

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  1. I had the same problem, but what worked for me was the fact that the cord sucked, & Microsoft gave me another for free. While I had it, though, I had to wiggle the cord connected to the back, the flat rectangular piece.But if that doesn’t work, try the cord thing.

  2. Well since it’s happening with both consoles not matter what cabling is being used, I’d have to go with the TV causing the problem.

    When watching something dark on TV or DVD do get the red spots too? If so, definately a TV issue.

    I can’t think of anything other than that that it could be, unless it’s bad cables or inputs on the TV.

    Have you tried either of the machines with just standard composite cables (red, white and yellow)? What happens there? What else is plugged into the TV, cable box, satellite, DVD player?

    Two different types of cables though would normally rule the cables out, could be bad inputs but again using the two different types would normally rule those out.

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