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I live directly above a starbucks can i use their internet to play ps3 online?


It sounds like a stupid question its just it obviously takes me to a landing page when i sign on my laptop and i have to input my username and password but im wondering what details i would need or how that would work signing into ps3 online?

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  1. Sure, just send them a letter first, demanding that they remove their internet signal from your home, and informing them that if they fail to do so you will feel free to use it.

    Then, when they fail to remove it from your home, you can use it all you want because you’ve officially informed them that you would.

    Good luck!. 😀

  2. No, it checks to make sure you are using a computer with that little terms screen. Looks like you are going to have to pay for internet.

  3. If you wanna, boot up your ps3, disable auto log on for your user, open up your web browser and the wifi log-on will show, enter the details as you would if you were in Starbucks. Once connected, try signing into PSN, if it signs in without a problem then you can try a game to see if it works, but the chances are that the speed of the internet is just for casual surfing and not online gaming, it’ll be laggy as hell.

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