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i m going to buy a ps3 shooting game which one i should buy?


Max Payne 3 ,Battlefield 3,Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ,Call of Duty: Black Ops,uncharted 3 or any else?

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  1. havent tried max payne 3 but. Battlefield 3 is my favorite out of your choices! if you want a really good multiplayer and singleplayer go with uncharted 3 even though its story mode doesnt take long to beat and you will be stuck with its multiplayer.

    Multiplayer: Battlefield 3 > Uncharted 3

    Campaign: Uncharted 3 >> Battlefield 3

  2. Please don’t buy mw3, you will want to kill your self after playing it or even snap your disk. The game sucks. I would get bf3 or uncharted but bf3 is wayyyyyy better in terms of shooter. Get bf3.

  3. Battlefield 3 if you want a more realistic shooter with vehicle based combat (jets, tanks, helicopters, etc.) but mw3 if you want a shooter that is fast paced

  4. I would say for single player I would pick max Payne

    For run n gun multiplayer mw3 and black ops

    For playing with friends and for realism battlefield

    I wouldn’t suggest uncharted as a shooter but a adventure game

    Ghost recon for a slower more tactical shooter

    Hope this helped

    My favorites are ghost recon and battlefield

  5. Being that you are talking about shooters,I suggest renting them before you buy them to make sure what you really want.

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