Home Xbox Forum I need a cheap way for wireless xbox live!?

I need a cheap way for wireless xbox live!?


Hey i need wireless xbox live cause i hate having to drag around the big internet cord every time i want to play. And i don’t want to go buy the wireless thing microsoft sells. Does some one have a cheap solution?

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  1. steal like he said above me or. you will just have to suffer with the cord. But it most cases using a ethernet cord is better

  2. Jam an ethernet cord into the back as hard as yo can, and then rip it out. repeat these steps 5 or 6 times, you re xbox will now pickup wireless signals

  3. The one way is if you buy the Wireless Adapter. They are $99.99 new or $64.99 used from GameStop. You can hook up your Xbox to your computer using an ethernet cable and connect your computer to the wireless signal. Go to http://www.xbox.com/support for the directions. It might be a big hit to your wallet at first but the $65 is worth it and will pay for itself soon enough.

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