Home Xbox Forum I need help with my repair for my xbox 360?

I need help with my repair for my xbox 360?


I set up my repair online on august 9th, its now august 14th and still no label sent. i couldnt pick the option to print it because i tried that before and it didnt work. i tried doing it on the phone and that didnt work. so i just decided i’d have them send me a label and box. it says current status is “no tracking information available” and tracking number says “we have not yet recieved your tracking number from the courier” it says the next steps is to wait for the box and label and ship it out. but its already been 5 days and nothing has come. can sombody please help me

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  1. Just wait a few more days. It took me a week to get my box and label.

    If it has been more than a week, give a call to Xbox’s customer support and have them confirm that they recieved your order.

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