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I need to change my Xbox Live password but don’t know the old one or my security question answer!?


Ok this will sound so scammy and cheap, BUT I have a hand full of problems with my Xbox Live profile I have a profile error and need to re-download my profile to fix it (this I know), but I can’t because I don’t know my password or the back up security question answer. This all branches from when I first made the profile when I was 12 or 13ish I could not spell worth a darn and Microsoft had a small glitch. See, I miss spelled my email address @google mail.com well I had spelled @google mail.com and the Xbox system took it. And we never knew this until about 4 years later. Then come to fine out I don’t remember my password any more. My father wanted me to make it something unique and a lot has changed since then and I have never needed the password untill recently. Microsoft (via Email) can’t determine that I am the real owner to the account and wont let me change the password.

There im on here asking if there is a other solution besides making a new account which would result in 100s on 100s of dollars in lost DLC and about 22,000 Gamerscore points and about 500MS points. I need ideas and solution to get my password reset and or how to convince Microsoft to let me change my password. – THANK YOU

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  1. You’re going to need to call Xbox Support.

    Their toll free 24/7 number is



    It takes a while to talk to a real person, but once you do, explain your situation. If you had a credit card associated with your account, they’re going to ask for that. I just hope you get your account back.

    My little brother was on my account once (which had 5 years of gold) on MW2, fell for a 10th lobby and practically gave my account (which had the gamertag Archangel) away. I spent about $2,500 on hardware and DLC for that account, and now it’s gone, so I feel your pain. Good luck.

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