Home Xbox Forum i trust you guys out there? should i really get halo reach?

i trust you guys out there? should i really get halo reach?


i was like a numba 1# halo 3 fan when cod4 was out i still thought halo 3 was better. then until i got xbox live i thought i was gonna be a halo 3 multiplayer addict and same time cod waw came out and i got both live and waw in december 2008. then i played cod4 after then i got mw2 which is known as modded warfail 2. when reach came out all my friends had it and i fealt like * comiting suicide. sorryy for that but inside like i said i trust u guys. then the question comes here. black ops- i cant wait and im afraid that when black ops comes out i wont touch reach. when cod waw came out i played like 65% waw 35%halo 3. so whats ur guys opinion. im sorry for writing a long paragraph but i really need help. it would be a pain in the * the waste 60$ and u guys know that too. by the way im 13 and i buy my own games by working for me dad. 5$ an hour. so yea i dont want to waste 12 hrs. so please help!

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  1. black ops is a promising game that will hold fun, but its all on YOU, honestly, reach is by far AMAZING, the campaign is epic, the matchmaking is more skill relatated and there is so much you can do on the game! totally worth 60 bucks! but then black ops? i see what you mean, reason i won’t get black ops till christmas or past it, if anything, i divide my time, and no one can honestly tell you what you will do, they will need to see if black ops is going to be good or not, follow ur instinct.btw.reach is a game u should just have because u got a xbox lolz

  2. since cod black ops was made by the crappiest company ever. so bad i cant state its name.

    it was as bad as cod 3. Halo reach will have a better multiplayer, and the campaign is supposed to be straightforward and fun. there is no flood 🙂 halo is gona be beeeeasssst

    ima get in on my birthday

  3. YES!

    Its the prequel of the Halo trilogy if you don’t get it you will not know what happened before the war!

  4. It is impossible to tell which one to get as all of the details on black ops havn’t been revealed yet, and black ops hasn’t come out yet which C.Fox doesn’t seem to know. Wait till the public learns a little more about campaign and everything else, before making a decision.Btw, i am not some retarded halo fanboy like sirnash. It depends what you like better. First of all, sirnash is an idiot that can’t get his facts straight. Treyarch isn’t a fail company, fail is you. Treyarch made the highly addictive cod Waw and it was very professionally developed. Treyarch is as professional as Infinity Ward, just not on the same level. I am really psyched for black ops, halo reach looks very good. Halo Reach got a 9.5 average review from most game websites and magazines. I’ve heard that the campaign on Halo Reach was “ok, fine, well. I’ve heard that the campaign was cool but the characters had almost no personality which it seem kinda boring. But, I heard that the multiplayer was awesome, and stuff like the Forge upped the replay value alot. Black Ops will include zombies again, confirmed by the prestige and hardened edition of it. It will also have improved security over MW2 and Activision is holding a private beta with all of Activision’s studios. Treyarch is really going all out of Black Ops, it is the ONLY game they have had where they focused their entire teams attention on. Black Ops will have better killstreaks and less hackers and campers. Treyarch is also working on stopping boosting. If you prefer good balanced old fashioned traditional multiplayer that is awesome, pick Halo Reach, otherwise if you want killstreaks, great guns, and by the way, there will be vehicles in multiplayer. good vehicles, and good old perks and great classes that the Call of Duty series is known for starting, pick Black Ops. It sounds like Black Ops might be a tich, better but hey, who knows. This might be a really tough decision. I feel sorry for you. And by the way sirnash, Halo Reach is already out. And call of duty 3 was well developed, the online mutliplayer was the only thing wrong with it, and the problems weren’t even that bad. 8.25 review average. Also, @ DrkS6 you can know what happened right before Halo : Combat Evolved, if you read the game manual, it says it. It ends with the fall of planet Reach. 😛

  5. I suggest you watch gameplay videos on youtube to see what you think of the games before spending any money on them, that way you know what you’re buying.

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