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I want to ban someone on xbox live for severely offending my friend racistly?


Recently on xbox live while playing online with my friend (I wont disclose his account details) who has dark skin colour. While playing, he was called ginger once, then he said “how can I be ginger I’m black,” which was then followed by two people (their GTs are -Munch88- and -soldierelitez- without the hyphens) continuously calling him “N*er”. He took great offense from this due to the fact he is dark skinned and wants them to be punished for this. Is there any way that we can get them banned from xbox live for this? We have both filed a complaint against them for this and I have e-mailed Xbox live support, so I would like to know a way to get them banned for sure.

Thanks VERY much if anyone can help! Very greatly appreciated.

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  1. On Xbox Live you cannot really do anything. Lets say if you were the one saying it and they were like im going to file complaints on you. Would you care. No. The only way these guys will get banned is if there are multiple complains on racism.

    Xbox Live rarely views the File Complaint because nobody usually gets banned. The only thing they care about are Motto/Bio Cursing.

  2. There’s nothing you can do to get them banned. People can say whatever they want on Xbox Live. You could choose to avoid them so you won’t be matched up with them. Racistly isn’t a word lol.

  3. i’ll be honest I have come in multiple contact with people offending me on xbox! but the best you can do is file complaint. if you can find a way to contact xbox than be sure to report them but that is the best you can do at the time. sorry, but if you find out anything be sure to send me a message!

  4. You can’t ban them because you have no power to do so. The best you can do is file a complaint on both of them. Have any of your other friends that played with them to do the same. You won’t be able to see if they actually get banned, but if they’ve done that kind of thing before, they probably will be.

  5. first off you cant bann anyone because you are not the x-box god if you could bann people lots of people would be banned you can report them an thats all

  6. First off, write down that ‘someone’s’ gamertag and what they said to your friend.

    Second, contact Xbox Live Support and issue the problem.

    They are sure to get to you immediately, as they handle with thousands of techy problems (bad glitches, etc) and social problems as well each day.

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