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I want to ‘Mod’ an XBox 360 here soon. I have been looking into Mod’s and such and was wondering what is best?


I know there are many Mod’s out there, but I still dont really know what they do? What do all the Mod’s do anyway?

So I want to buy a used one from my friend, then get a big HD, like 200+ gigs. Then while im in there, or not in there if i get the topside HD, I would like to Mod it out.

So I can make game backups, movie backups, CD backups, and load emulators on it? that is what I would like to do. And I dont do Xbox live. So any suggestions would be great!

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  1. man after MS cleaned live house because so many people were playing mw2 before release date you can pick up a banned one for $60 on craigslist or kijiji. it would actually be cheaper to get one of those.

  2. just buy a banned xbox if you dont plan on using live. You can choose to do any mod that u wish really. since live isnt a factor.

    You can mod your xbox to play free games that you dl off the internet and burn onto DvD+r DL disks. Mod the case.hmmm.create your own hdd from a laptop hdd. Ahh, possibilities are endless = ]

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