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If I format the hard drive on my ps3 will I have to start from the beginning?


I’ve been playing this game and lately when I play it’s been occasionally skipping or “lagging”, especially when it loads up a new scene, etc. Why is it doing this?!

I’m thinking of reformatting the harddrive to see if that will help but if I do that, will it delete the progress I’ve made in the game? (I really don’t want to start over from the beginning!)

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  1. If you format the HDD, it will erase EVERYTHING on it. Downloaded games/demos, game saves, music, photos, etc. EVERYTHING is gone. Yes, that means you will have to start over.

    If it’s only happening with one specific game, perhaps it’s either scratched or defective. If it happens with all games, perhaps the Blu-Ray lens is biting the dust.

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