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if I pre order a game download on xbox one, when can I download it?


To clarify what I’m asking, I would like to preorder a game on my Xbox One. If I do, when can I begin downloading? I bought the AC Unity using download and it seemed to take FOREVER. I felt it would have been better to go to a midnight sale since I got tired of waiting and went on to bed. So is a game downloadable and not playable until release date, or do I have to wait until after midnight on the release date to start downloading?

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  1. If you’re pre-ordering on the console, you start downloading right away. Games don’t go up for preorder on the Xbox Store until the download is available. You still can’t play until the game is officially released.

  2. Whenever the game is released. Preordering a game means reserving a copy for when the game hits the shelves.

  3. if you purchased the pre-order on xbox live you can download the game now but the game will not be available for play until 12:01 of the day of its release. i just read an article that xbox one and ps4 have pre-loading, means you can download the whole game but still have to wait until its release to play it but you are definitely ready when it hits 12:01.

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