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if i want an xbox 360 with live and modern warfare 2, what all would i need and how much would it cost?


same as the first question

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  1. It depends which xbox you buy. Currently you will probably have to get the XBOX Elite which is 300, 65 for the game, 50 for xbox live. So about 450 dollars with tax.

    There is also a COD package which gets you all of those for a cheaper price. Google those and you should be able to find them.

  2. xbox 360 elite 300

    modern warfare 2 60

    1 year xbox live 50

    250 gb hard drive on ebay about $30 after you sell your 120gb

    wireless network adapter they retail for $100 but its cheaper on ebay

    some marketplace points $50 for 4000 points

  3. Basically, whoever said get the ps3 is completely wrong. I’ve had an xbox but it got banned off of live so i got a ps3, then i took the ps3 back the next day because honestly, there terrible.

    Anyways more to the point. I just bought an xbox super elite from gamestation today, the custom MW2 360 one with a massive 250gb HDD, plus another controller (making 2 in all), plus MW2 and Forza 3 for only £275. Then a year of XBL costs £40 so about £215 which in dollars is about $360.

    Wow. a limited edition 360 and 2 games and 2 controllers for $360. Just wow 😮

  4. well the 360 would cost 200 and live would cost 100 and warfare 2 would cost 60 and if wanted another controller then that would cost 60 coming to a grand total of 420, 360 minus the extra remote

  5. what do you mean need? with live you will need to get a card from walmart or somewhere that sells them or buy it through the xbox.modern warfare 2 you might need to get a mic to talk on it will probably cost around $250-300

  6. if you want a used xbox it’ll come out cheaper

    the game is about $64 the xbox live 3 mos. is $20

    a used xbox from gamestop with warranty is $130

    a new xbos is $200 so you’ll need anything from about

    $220 to $290 so you can make ur choice from there

    hope i helped:)

  7. well you need a xbox pro which is 210. live is 8 dollars a month or 50 if you buy a whole year at once. high speed internet. and modern warfare 2 costs 60.

    Total- with one year of live, $320

  8. [url is not allowed].

    this is $400. It comes with a 360 Super Elite (Super Elites have 250 gb of memory on their harddrive, Elites have 120), two black wire less controllers, headset, COD MW2, and a month of XBL gold. Its a really good deal.

    Normal 360 elites (120gb) sell for $300, a 120gb harddrive usually sells for $100, so this xbox is really worth $400, plus its got cool artwork.

    It comes with 2 black wireless controllers ($50 a piece)

    headset ($20-30)

    and a free month of live.

    Thats over $100 dollars of savings, this is the best deal!

  9. [url is not allowed]

    limited edition modern warfare 2 elite xbox 360 comes with 2 controllers and 250gb HDD. The huge HDD is nice because you can install your games on to it so it doesn’t use the disc when your playing so you won’t have the chance of having them break.

    and it also comes with a 1 month for xbox live gold(unlimited silver)

    hope I helped

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