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Is a headset necessary to chat on PS3?


My friend invited me to a chat, but he didn’t have a headset. He’s not sure if one is needed or not.
I mean chat in the chat room, not in game chatting.

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  1. yea im pretty sure he needs some kind of mic to talk to you he might be able to hear you threw the tv but he has no way to respond to you without a mic

  2. I have an Xbox 360 but I’m sure a headset is needed. Go to Gamestop.com and look up accessories for PS3.

  3. Yea he is going t oneed a mic. Or the new ps3 eye has a mic built into it. But the keyboard isnt accessable in that chat room. no way for him to comunicate to you, he will just have to listen to you. I just bought a bluetooth headset from walmart for $25. And dont let them fool you, any bluettoth headset will work.

  4. you will need a microphone to talk to each other.

    ANY bluetooth device can be connected (i used my phone at one point) the Playstation Eye (eye toy 2) has a mic attached to it

  5. Yes you need a microphone to chat, or you could pair a blootooth headset to the PS3 and use that.

  6. depending on what game u play such as rainbow six vegas communicating is the key to defeat the other team

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