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Is it worth selling Army of Two for Call of Duty 4 and Grand Theft Auto IV? (Xbox 360)?


I bought Army of Two and was not completely satisfied with it. Sooooo I figured that before Ao2 was worth absolutely nothing I would scrounge up enough cashola to buy myself used copies of COD 4 and GTA 4. Now, my mom, on the other hand, doesn’t particularly like this idea, mostly because those games are rated M and my mom thinks they are poison to the mind. So I was wondering, are COD 4 and GTA 4 worth selling Ao2, a perfectly legit M game which my mom doesn’t even care about and hiding from my mom in order to have?

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  1. army of two is different compared to GTA4 and cod4.

    army of two is fun when you play with friends. but yeah GTA4 is amazing.anad i dont think u can easliy get a used copy.

  2. Hah, are you kidding? GTA 4 is way more fun than Army of Two. Call of Duty 4 is also a great game, though I’d reccomend GTA.

  3. Yes. I think CoD4 is better than GTA4. I like multiplayer fps and never liked the GTA series. If you get GTA4, don’t play it where your mom can hear it. If she cares that much about M ratings, she won’t like to hear the cut scenes.

  4. Id say go for it! Those 2 games sit in the top 5 best game on the 360. and besides Army of Two sucked hardcore!

  5. personaly i think thats a great idea because cod4 is an amazing game in my opinion and gta4(i don’t have yet but i will when i receive my xbox) is also a great game from what i have heard.

  6. Yes, just be ready to Cry when your MOM catches you playing these games and makes you through them out!LOL

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