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Is it worth to get a PS3 in 2013?


Hello guys, I know that I’ve already a lot of questions about consoles.I’m so excited to play a PS3 and I like God of war games,All stars battle royale,and even the upcoming GTA V.but is it worth it to get a PS3 in 2013? the PS3 will have technology limitations that soon to be obsolete and the PS4 will be the king but should I get a PS3?you already know that I can’t wait to the PS4 either I’m tired of waiting its release date.

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  1. Yes IT IS WORTH IT and will be forever Worth it not just because it´s an excellent platform,but because the awesome games available for it like the ones you mentioned more the Uncharted Trilogy,The Last of US,Killzone Trilogy,Infamous 1/2,Little Big Planet,etc.(these are just PS3 exclusives,then you have the multiplatform games like GTA IV/V,Assassins Creed,Call of Duty,Battlefield,Watch Dogs,etc.

    Plus the online it´s free for everyone!

  2. Yes, its worth it! for the next 2 years If you aint got a PS3 after 2 more years just go direct for PS4.

    Yes, why, because games will be supported for PS3 for atleast the next 5 years!

  3. Find a cheap one.

    There are still a bunch of games coming out, especially if you like JRPGs. Tales of Xillia launched yesterday (which is AMAZING by the way) and we’re getting a Tales of Symphonia 1 & 2 HD remake as well as Tales of Xillia 2 in 2014. Not to mention all of the other games coming out and games that are already out like The Last Of Us.

    It’s best not to get a PS4 until it’s been out for a while. I plan on sticking with my PC for next-gen gaming until I’m sure that the PS4 isn’t completely broken at launch/first few months of release.

  4. I think you should wait, get the Ps4, and by then the ps3 prices would have dropped a lot! along with the games too 🙂

  5. If you can find a cheap one you then yes. The ps3 is still a very good console and it’s got a ton of good games for it.

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