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Is PlayStation-3 Region Free?


I;m planning to buy a Playstation 3 and it would serve both as a blueray player and game console. I wanted to know, if the PS3 is a region free blueray player?

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  1. the PS3 games are region free unfortunetly not the movies since they have a region lock but games do not have any lock so you can buy foreign games without a problem

  2. The Games on the PS3 are region FREE so you can buy games from wherever you want.But the Blue Ray disc are region coded

    Region A PS3 can play Japanese and American BD

    Region B PS3 can play European disc

    Region C PS3 can play any other disc.

    If you have an option, go for the Region A as American’s are the largest developers of BD and most companies like WB,20th centuary Fox.produce American BD

  3. That dude is wrong. all blu ray discs including games and movie will play on the ps3. I know because i have a Japanese ps3 and plays all american ps3 games and movies. But my ps3 wont play DVDs or ps2 games because those are regional.

    And good choice the ps3 is the best gaming console ever!

  4. The consoles are still locked, so you have to get PS1 games, PS2 games (if it’s an older model that even plays them), DVDs, and Blu-Ray movies from the region of that system.

    Currently, all PS3 games are region-free. Sony has said all the games they publish will be, but they aren’t forcing third-parties to do so as well. So far, third-parties have, though. However, I have heard there are technical problems with playing GTA4 from a different region on an SDTV.

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