Home Playstation Forum is ps3 60 gb ps2 emulation any good?

is ps3 60 gb ps2 emulation any good?


i wnna to play the following games: dragon quest XII, ratchet1-4, jak 1-3, all the naruto games, raditia stories, shining force neo, shining tears, all the one piece games, all the full meatal alchemist games, soul calibur 23, S.L.A.I.: Steel Lancer Arena International, zone of the enderes, meatal gear solid 2-3,grantourismo 4, kingdom hearts 1-2( plus the re: chain of memories.) and plenty of other games.

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  1. yup, but why buy a ps3 if all your going to be doing is playing ps2 games. your defeating the purpose of having a ps3.

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