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Is the PS3 Good enough for me?


I be shopping for a new PS3 and i just wanted to know which ps3 hardware should i get? The 120gb or 250gb.

Here is a few games ill be getting along with it.

-God Of War 3

-just cause 2

-Skate 3(going to get)

-Modern Warefare2 (already have was a gift)

-Final Fantasy 13 (got as a gift also)

and my neighbor has like 8 games i could borrow.

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  1. either will be fine, personally i would buy the 120gb and upgrade the hard drive myself and buy an external to put the original drive in.

  2. With what I understood from the question you want to get a PS3 for normal purposes to play games. With the Slim and the Original the real main difference is the price.

    The one thing you left out of your question was your budget. This will “break-it-or-make-it” for you.

    Since you did not out in a budget I will give you a answer to both sides of the question.

    SLIM. Obviously the Slim is less money. So my first reaction is if you get the slim you could get more accessories or games for the system

    ORIGINAL. The Original (I own this one) is nice. I got this one once it came out before they had the slim and personally I don’t regret it. Again your decision will come to price. With no stand out features between the 2 I would steer away from the original

    FINAL. Overall for you I think the best decision is to get the Slim you will be able to get more games or accessories for the system. Again since the real only difference is the price obviously get the one that costs the less.

    Good luck and hope you like your new system.


    – Jake

  3. Well, for now I would just get the 120gb Harddrive, I don’t see myself filling my HD up anytime soon, and I have the 80, but if you like to download a lot of PSN titles, or movies maybe a bigger memory is better.

  4. i’d say the 120gb should be fine. i have the old 80gb and its great bcuz it plays ps2 games, but 80gb isnt that much, im always having to delete videos, music, and demos to make room for new game installations. but if youre not going to have much music, videos, or demos on your ps3 and just have game data, then the 120gb model should be plenty for you, even if you put a few movies on their 120gb is a good bit a data

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