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Is The Xbox 720 And PS4 Really Coming Out?


I really want to know some say yes others say no and if it is what date is it also coming out if you don’t know the date it’s okay i just want to know if it’s really coming out.

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  1. MaX is correct but it is a possibility that they could be a late 2013 release at the earliest.

    @Light Microsoft’s lawyers got a “leaked” document removed from its original source, you don’t see them removing anything from the web which is fake. They will deny stuff in it until they are ready to confirm it.

    Aidan, as with the release dates you have no clue or have been very misinformed. Nothing has been said about either console, if the “Xbox 720” was planned for a February 2012 release it would have been the highlight of E3 2011, same with the “PS4”, it would have been the highlight of E3 2012. So far everything is rumors so you don’t know if it will have a disk drive or not.

  2. All this information here is incorrect, neather sony or microsoft said anything about the names of the new console. Xbox 720? Microsoft said if they was going to make a new console it will now be called the 720.

    Ps4 have no official in exsistance only speculation , dont belive what u read here, alot of what I just read here is all folk talk, its rumours and peoples beliving what the net consoles will have, just sit tight and keep up with mircosoft or sony officially and stop beliving what idiots belive, how can any one know if nether company’s said anything

    And im sure ur wondering why people say the things they have u will hear it over and overand eatch time dome detail or aspect gets added,or lost

    Both companys are compeating, and are large company’s, Had they of said anything, you whoukd of known and this question whould not be asked , and it would be on there websites of any news of sort.

    There is a great chance both companys will release a next console , but that all u gonna know

  3. Yep they r coming out, the Xbox 720 was supposed to be out in February 2012 but they had problems so it should be out next year, the PS4 is supposed to be out in November 2012 or February 2013, I would not buy an Xbox 720 though as they aren’t going to have a disk drive so u have to buy all the games on Xbox live which means you cannot borrow games off of friends or sell games AND they won’t go down in price or sold second hand as it will be sold on Xbox live marketplace

  4. It’s an unsure thing right now,but from the news(Like ign) Microsoft is having trouble with some of the chips in their new console and for Sony,they said they ain’t revealing their console until Microsoft does.

  5. Well, the Xbox 720 rumors were confirmed to not be true, but not much has been heard of the Ps4 quite yet.

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