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Is there a way to un ban an Xbox 360 console?


@Legion, maybe because I’m 15 years old and cbf buying 10 games for $1000 when I can hire them all out and copy them for $50? Seriously, Microsoft are the real criminals; they are the biggest scam on the face of this earth. They make you pay for everything! I mean, it’s not like Bill Gates has 50 billion dollars or anything. Oh wait, he does! At least Sony realises that not everyone has a money tree and so they made the PlayStation Network free. I’ll probably get a PlayStation instead of a new xbox so I’m not supporting Bill Gates.

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  1. Nope. That’s your own fault for trying to get free games. So not only do you have to buy the games anyway, but you have to buy a new 360.

  2. Yes but it won’t be easy and won’t be cheap.

    First your console needs to be JTAGed, this gives full access to the NAND.

    You need to copy the keyvault of a non banned xbox 360 in the place of the banned one. Overwriting this you pretty much do an Identity Transplantation. Where to find an unbanned keyvault? Well remember how many xbox-es did die of the three red rings. Bingo, that is where many of the unbanned keyvaults come from.

    Is this easy? No but once you have a JTAGed console it is made allot easier!

    Jtagging if possible with cost you some obviously and an unbanned keyvault [or actually a non banned one obvious] costs you around $40, $60. If you let it be done it costs you usually a bit less as you require less tools.

    Is there another way? No!

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