Home Xbox Forum Is this a good deal for xbox 360? (link included)?

Is this a good deal for xbox 360? (link included)?


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  1. looks good to me. the seller looks reputable and the price is not bad at all. Its a great system also. I love mine.

  2. Really IS. It really is worth the money. Only thing is i guess he moded it.not to sure beacuse he says ” has been modified for the RRoD.” so im not to sure if its covered by xbox or him. But overall yeah its a great deal. Just ask if the tray gets stuck.or if it scratches disic, and ask its return policies to him. that 120 Gig is a bargin they run for 170 usualy.

  3. It’s an Xbox 360 Core system that has been repaired (hence RRoD fix with better heatsinks, but it’s no guarantee still)!

    It has an added 120gb hard drive and 2 wireless controllers. It has an HD/SD cable and ethernet too. No HDMI, but it’s unlikely to have HDMI on the console or the seller would have specified it as a selling point. Not essential though.

    The seller reconditions Xbox 360s and sells them, just hope that you don’t get one that has been previously banned from Xbox Live (as the ban is permanent and is linked to the hardware).

    If the seller guarantees that it will work on Xbox Live and will pay for an exchange/refund if it doesn’t – then it’s a pretty good price as a 120gb hard drive itself will cost you US$149.99 on Amazon).

    Don’t forget to add up the shipping cost to your home!

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