Home Xbox Forum Is this a good headset for Xbox Live gaming?

Is this a good headset for Xbox Live gaming?


I’m low on cash and I want something better than what I have now (a standard wireless bluetooth-style mic). My budget is $60-$70. The best ones I have found for that price are the Tritton TRIAX-180 AX 180’s. Here’s a link for them:

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Please tell me if they’re suitable? Thanks,!

Also, I will be using these as headphones for my iPod and as a headset for my PC.

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  1. You can get something more worth your money for 70 dollars. The headset doesn’t matter, get something more important.

  2. Trittons can be used with any system, yet they aren’t all that comfortable. If I were you, I’d get Turtle Beaches. The x11’s are extremely cheap, comforable, and work with PC and Xbox 360. The audio plug fits with my iPod touch, but I haven’t fully tried it.

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