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Just bought 40gb PS3, Why wasn’t Ethernet cable included?Can i use my dsl ethernet cable to link modem to ps3?


or is linking up the ethernet cable that i got with my DSL modem to a PS3 a big taboo?

Also please tell me how do i find a buttom that opens up memory card slots!?! im lost
well i was never going to use any mremory cards but i was just curious as to how it opens)))

Even if it did i’d simply close it back and never touch it again)

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  1. yes, u can use any ethernet cable for ps3.

    ur 40gb model doesn’t have any memory card slots. it’s the stripped down version. i hope u also know to doesn’t play ps2 games.

  2. Ethernet cable doesn’t ship with 40GB. Any RJ-45 cable (Ethernet) will do the job, it’s not an expensive cable.

    As for memory slots – 40GB doesn’t have them, therefore there is no flip-up cover for it.

  3. looks like someone needs to read.if you don’t like your ps3 then give it back and wait for the 80 gig model.in the mean time.go on wikipedia, gamespot,best buy.anyplace and do some reading

  4. Well to tell you, the 40gb cant play PS2 games, nor does it have memory card readers. It also ONLY has 2 USB ports instead of the regular 4. Sorry dude. The Ethernet didn’t come with it because only the 60 and 80’s come with it.

    But yea you can connect your ethernet from the DSL modem to your PS3. But I suggest that you dont, because you will have to switch back and forth between PC and PS3.

    SO either.

    1. Get a wired router and another Ethernet. So then you can plug in your DSL Ethernet to the WAN/LAN port, and the other Ethernet to your PS3.

    2. Get a WIRELESS router. So you plug in the DSL Ethernet to the WAN/LAN port, and enable your PS3 to go wireless. Then enter the WEP key and your set.

  5. wow you seem like you bought it without knowing it features. the 40gb doesnt have the memory card slots, nor can it play ps2 games. and for some reason sony didnt include ethernet cable with the 40gb. you can use any cable as long as it fits in the ps3.


    im not trying to question your judement or anything but how on earth did you not know the 40gb does not have the card readers?any responsible buyer will at least do research to see what they are getting for thier money before they buy a 400 + dollar product. makes me wonder.

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