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MS plans on dropping the 360 price again, is Sony going to do the same for the PS3 anytime soon?



  1. well sony is already losing 3 billion dollars and if they drop the ps3 price again then they are going to lose even more money. and if they do drop the price it might drop during Christmas or during E3 either sony is still losing money big time.

  2. dude. ps3 has a bluray drive, it’s already cheap enough.

    blu ray players cost like 400$ if you buy one separately, so they’re basically giving away everything else in the ps3 for free.

  3. Doubt it, especially since MGS4 has recently been released.

    They’re probably gonna try and milk it as much as they can.

    I mean, I love Sony and MGS and all but that’s just ridiculous.

  4. here let explain sony will drop the price, but i don’t know when, but remeber when you buy a 360, you have to buy all of the other stuff, like wireless network adapter, rechargable battery, hd-drive, and plus you have to pay for the online pay, ect

    but when you buy a ps3, you get all that stuff with it. all you really have to worry about is getting another controller and games, and maybe a fan for but you really don’t need one.

  5. They well drop the price. When? Don’t know. Sony already looses money on each PS3 (I think they got the cost down to around $600 per unit) But for selling them for $400 they loose money. I think they well hold off a month and see if Micrsofts sells pick up (or if PS3 sells slow down) once they do then they well drop the price.

  6. the second MS drops the price of the 360 sony will drop the price of the PS3 within a few weeks i guarantee

  7. Well if you didn’t hear the story about Sony losing billions because they cared about their customers and had the price of the PS3 lower than the production cost, so every time a PS3 sold they lost money. So like the first answer said, If they can find a way to lower cost than yes, but if they can’t then no. I personally don’t think it will, I think that its priced fine now.

    Hoped this helped.

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