Home Playstation Forum My PlayStation 3 will not connect to the internet.?

My PlayStation 3 will not connect to the internet.?


I cannot connect to the internet on my PS3, it was working until last week and I’m still able to use the internet on my laptop. So what could the problem be?

Every time I do a connection test on my PS3 it says that it cannot find my I.P. address

Can anyone help me?

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  1. Try disconnecting your router and connecting it back in after a moment

    This worked for me once in your situation

    Hope this helped!

  2. on your laptop click the start menu, go to Run, type in cmd and hit enter. A black prompt screen will appear. type ipconfig the IP address along with subnet mask and default gateway will appear, you can go into the internet settings of your PS3 and enter the IP address manually. If this still doesn’t fix your connection problem, the wireless on the PS3 has malfunctioned.

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