Home Xbox Forum my xbox 360 warranty is increased in repair?

my xbox 360 warranty is increased in repair?


i sent my xbox in about 4 weeks ago and I checked the status today and the warranty is increased to march next year. I haven’t got my xbox back yet so what does this mean? it doesn’t say that it’s been shipped and it doesn’t say it’s in the repair factory thing, it’s only telling me the warranty.

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  1. Maybe its the Holidays or too many xbox 360’s are getting send in or a bunch of other people ordered Xbox 360 for the christmas

  2. I went through this process myself a few weeks ago. If i am correct, which i believe i am, the xbox warranty is for 3 years after your purchase (if its hardware failure). However, if it has been 2 years and 360 days and you get your box back, it is extended 90 days.

    So to sum it it, its for 3 years and when you get it back it is either extended for 90 days more, or however many days of your 3 years you still have left.

    Email me if you have any questions.

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