Home Xbox Forum My Xbox 360 won’t load certain games and the screen stays black?

My Xbox 360 won’t load certain games and the screen stays black?


When I put a game in the tray, it will say “Play Skyrim” (or whatever game is in the tray) but when I select it, the screen goes dark like normal, but it stays dark. It’s not frozen because I can still press the jewel button, but when I go to the dashboard the Xbox freezes. It won’t play Skyrim or a few other games, but it will play movies and some other games. I would like to avoid going to a professional and getting it fixed, if you have any method of fixing it I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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  1. The same thing just happened and after disconnecting the device it began to work. Thanks alot! Weird though that everyone is experiencing this.

  2. Me to but It won’t play downloaded games disc games and apps. Any body notice that we are all having this problem in past few days?

  3. It has to do with xbox live servers being messed up. To play games start by skipping sign in and then load the game offline then you can sign in and everything will run fine until you need to load a different game. Idk what is exactly wrong but the fact that it’s been a couple days now and still isn’t fixed is really ridiculous.

  4. Me as well and it really pisses me off. Its these damn Chinese parts they make the Xbox out of. And don’t think I prefer the PlayStation or Nintendo over Xbox because I don’t. Everything is made from Chinese flippin parts and they are absolute *. I am sick of these corporate pieces of * increasing their fat check by cutting AMERICAN JOBS AND PARTS! So f* you, you corporate bastards and fall to your last penny for scum bread because I swear I will have my business put into overdrive and work my way up hiring all the non-drugusing Americans and building parts for products in America and assembled here. Take my damn word for that. And your next you political scum.

  5. My Xbox wont play any games movies or apps. It just stays black. Its not plugged to any ethernet cord. I have wifi, what should I do? This is out of no where.

  6. Just Solved the issue. Disconnect from the internet. I unplugged my Ethernet cable and everything is working fine. XBOX LIVE IS EVIL!

  7. You can disable automatic Xbox live sign-in, by going to Settings, then Profile in the dashboard. Once that is set to not automatically sign in, you can sign in once the game has already loaded up, seems to work OK.

  8. Same her but for me everything turns black to whatever I load up even netflex my only suggestion would be try deleting your system catch files in your system memory

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