Home Xbox Forum My xbox360 literally WILL NOT connect to xbox live.?

My xbox360 literally WILL NOT connect to xbox live.?


Alright, so I have a Toshiba A505-S6025 Laptop. I spent like 940$ on this piece of junk (I think it’s the problem) Because I have a Netgear wireless router connected through a cable modem. My internet on the laptop is fine. But it will not allow me to connect to my xbox360 through my laptop with an ethernet cable. Modem > Router > Laptop > Xbox. It used to work completely fine. Now it will not connect. Hasn’t been able to connect in roughly 2 and a half months. I’m running windows 7 and when I look at my Ethernet connection on the laptop it says Unidentified Network. Either that or most of the time “Identifying”. I’ve literally tried everything my brain can think of. Unplugging the phone cables. The router, the modem. rebooting. System restores (which worked once and only for a few minutes) But like literally NOTHING will work! My xbox always comes up saying “Cannot connect to xbox live” And sometimes when I do the troubleshooting it says something about DNS and DHCP. I’ve even gotten into command prompt and used Ipconfig codes such as Ipconfig/flushdns. Renew. and alot of other ones and that dont work. Also. My laptop wont let my desktop connect through the ethernet cable anymore either. I’ve tried everything. Any ideas anyone? 🙁

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  1. sometimes, like once a month i have to do this because i have the same problem. go to your connection in the control pannel and find the properties of the connection and make sure it didnt reset to make the connection closed to outside networks(laptop, xbox) and just check the box that says alow other connections to connect to this network.and then itll work

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