Home Xbox Forum Need help setting up my 360.?

Need help setting up my 360.?


I already plugged in the A/V composite cable that came with the 360 holiday bundle with lego batman and pure and no there is no switch on this cable but i dont know how to get to the 360 homepage. I have direct tv and a hdtv and i dont know which ch to be on or what input im suppose to be using.

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  1. For my HDTV, the channel for my xbox 360 is video. I also had to plug the colored plug ins on the side of the tv.

  2. My remote says input and I just pressed that until i found the xbox screen. Also the remote i use for my xbox is the one for turning my tv on and off not the remote for the satellite box. So if you have two you might try the other one.

  3. does your tv remote have a button that says “source” or something similar? you should to switch it to AV1 or whatever AV input you plugged it in

  4. look for a button on your clicker that says source video, input. something like that and try all the inputs sources etc. and see which one works


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