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Playstation 3 jailbreak?


Has anyone jailbroke their ps3 ver. 3.73? Ad if so can you tell me how. I have the downloaded file but I need password. And I’m not sure if that is real or just a virus or spy or malware. If you know how to jailbreak 3.73 I really want to play snes games!!

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  1. Its not a virus, however, do you know who wrote the particluar version you are interested in? What makes you think its not feeding them data as well? I want to do alot on my PS3 but at the same time will NOT condone jailbreak. While its lame Sony wont let us do proper backing up and such, the majority of ACTIVE jailbreaking is being done with FULLY malicous intent.

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  3. You cant you’d be an idiot to try and also you would get banned for attempting it do yourself a favor and dont.

  4. Yes, I have jailbroke my PS3 one time. It took countless hours hiding in the bushes at Alcatraz for the right moment to blow a big crack open beneath the concrete cell floor.

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