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Playstation 3 online question?


I am getting playstation 3 for christmas, can someone tell me.is it easy/hard to get set up for online or is there anything additional I need to buy to get online. I currently have wireless internet at home.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. its easy to setup for online, just scan for wifi networks, put pass key and connect. to play games online u will need to register and create a PSN account(playstation network) and u can add bank card details if u want to incase u would like to buy game addons or other stuff if not leave that bit blank. Playing online is free also downloading demos is free but some game addons and full games u need to pay to download.

  2. It’s very easy to set up and get started.all you have to do is create a Playstation Network account. And no, you won’t need to buy anything extra.

    Playstation 3 is the best!

  3. no the wifi is built into the PS3 & it is very easy to set it up just check PS3 manual if your stuck.

    Great choice by the way it is amazing make sure you buy little big planet & resistance 2, truly outstanding games.

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