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Playstation 3 Store Question?


Okay so I want to buy GTA: San Andreas at the ps3 store but it doesn’t say “full game” like some of the other GTA games which are $20 and this one is $15

So if I buy this am I gonna miss ouit on some things? Will it be a rip off? And will I be able to use cheat codes on the ps3?

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  1. Full Game refers to PS3 disc games. They call them full games because they’re not cheap little PSN games, they’re games that you would expect to buy on disc at GameStop or Best Buy. San Andreas is a PS2 Classic, it’s the full PS2 game. It’s not a rip off. And yes, you can use the cheat codes.

  2. “Full Games” on the store refers to PS3 full games that you would normally buy in disc form.

    San Andreas is a PS2 Classic which would fall under “Classics” or “PSN Games” since it’s download only.

    It’s identical to the PS2 version, as in it’s literally just the PS2 version made compatible for PS3s so everything is intact and it’s not in HD.

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