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Playstation Home Beta 20th March?


i found this on the internet and it has a countdown to home beta

[url is not allowed]

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  1. No one really knows if its real or not, so we will have to check tomorrow if its on, would be nice if it was true

    That site now says fail

  2. Unfortunately there are several websites with rumored releases to Public beta’s or Full releases with varying dates such as March 20th, March 21st and April 1st (as examples). Everyone is going to be disapointed on any dates that are published until an official Sony Press release is issued indicating the release of the highly anticipated “PlayStation Home” I have kept close eyes on Sony’s official website, and have not been able to actual date.

  3. yea

    ive been checking for the last few days

    ill be chuffed if it does come out midnight tonight

    but usually europe gets everything late

    still havent got the cod 4 patch

  4. i really hope so its driveing me crazy i want it so bad i cant wait i will be to night to download it (-:

  5. I think it’s true, because if it was fake, don’t you think Sony would have deleted it by now? Don’t forget, it’s only a beta version, not the real thing. Cannot wait ’till ten though!

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