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ps3 backward compatibility. help?


I got the 80gig PS3, and I know its supose to play ps2 games, but it wont play MGS 3, THP8, and Def Jam Vendetta and a few others. Is there something wrong with my PS3? Or was I just lucky enough to pick the few that dont work.
I am connected. It says that I have the latest updates already.

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  1. alright, first off, you have to connect it to the internet and update your software on the system.

    the update includes the backwards compatibility, however, it is limited to a select amount of games.

    go to wikipedia and search for a compatibility list. or sony’s website

  2. Its backwards compatible, but not all games work right now. Go to the Play Station website to find out which ones.

  3. I think you need the ps3 update in order for it to play ps2 games, connect to the internet, and then sign in to you playstation network account.

    If they still don’t work after the updates, then you have to download the backwards compatibility from the playstation store. Don’t worry it’s free, you just need to have your ps3 hooked up to a broadband high speed internet connection first.

  4. The 80GB PS3 may not be compatible with those games. Make sure that you have downloaded the latest software version because some backwards compatibility may be added in some updates.

    I checked the Playstation website, and Metal Gear Solid 3, Def Jam Vandetta, and Tony Hawk Project 8 are backward compatible with the 80GB PS3.

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