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PS3 doesn’t turn on fully if iPod is attached via USB?


I have a windows formatted iPod attached to my PS3, in order to watch video files from it on my TV.

Everything is fine if I power the PS3 up without attaching my iPod. And then when i plug it in, it’s recognized and I can play any file on the iPod I wish to.

However, if I leave it attached, power the PS3 down, turn it back on – whilst I get the start up sounds through the TV speakers, the screen remains blank. Removing the iPod, resetting and powering up again is fine.

Is it a problem with the PS3 that it won’t start up properly with an iPod attached?

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  1. No, it’s probably just hanging on the presence of an unknown external drive on its usb port.

    I hate to sound like the doctor in the joke, but if it hurts when you do that, don’t do that. boot the ps3 without the ipod attached.

    It could be some kind of copy protection, to prevent anybody from potentially hacking the ps3 with a custom firmware, as has been done with the ps2, a custom firmware on a usb device; if the ps2 is modded to block the normal firmware from loading, it loads from usb instead. It may be the ps3 could be hacked the same way, by blocking the firmware on hard drive from loading, so the hypervisor makes it hang if it detects an unknown usb drive.

    When you say windows-formatted, do you mean fat32, or NTFS? Fat-32 drives don’t normally hang. An NTFS drive shouldn’t be readable at any time. But with an ipod, it might be different, because there are autobooting ROM’s on it.

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