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PS3 Games – Are PS3’s region locked?


I have just bought my boyfriend a PS3 for his birthday. We are going to Thailand next week and I heard that it is possible to buy games in another country and that they will work on the console that I purchased here. Is this correct? Has anybody had the experience of purchasing a game abroad and playing it on a UK console.

Also does anybody know how much games for PS3 cost in Thailand?!!

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  1. Yes all games are Region Free for the PS3

    (PS2 games, PS1 games, DVDs, Blu Ray DVDs are all region locked meaning you would have to buy them from the same region as the console was bought in)

    Although remember if you buy from another country it may be in a different language, and games don’t normally come with a setting that will change the language (like DVDs)

  2. I don’t know if they are region locked, I’ve never tried. As for how much they cost in Thailand whatever the amount of currency is in equal to 60 United States Dollars.

  3. As far as I know all PS3 games are region free, but PS2 games, DVDs and Blu-ray are not. So as long as you’re just buying PS3 games you should be fine.

    As far as cost I’m not too sure, online retailers like zest.co.th sell new PS3 games for about US$41 which isn’t all that cheap. But buying in the country may be a lot cheaper.

    It may be a good idea to ask the retailer as well, when you go in to buy the game, just in case.

  4. The games are region free. Some Blu-Ray movies are region free and some are not. Go here to find the movies [url is not allowed]

  5. 99% of PS3 games are region free on SDTV (I had a problem only with GTA IV from another region), 100% region free on HDTV. IDK about the price.

  6. dunno, but i know that sony reserve the right to activate region coding for games, so they may stop working in the future.

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