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ps3 hack?/ plz help?


look at this video i think this is a real ps3 hack could someone show me how to do it and give detailed instructions and links also if u could give me a way to do it with gta4 and mgs4
[url is not allowed]

heres the link sry

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  1. When you look at the bottom left corner of the screen in the first video it says “this fake but not edited”. Even if this was done with modded firmware, once Sony finds out that someone has created a hack for the PS3, they’ll just release a firmware update that blocks the hack and bricks your system. You could avoid this by not updating your PS3, which means never going online again and never playing a disc game that has a firmware update on it. Forget about modding your PS3.

  2. If there were real hacks for ps3 behind the videos, you would see detailed how-to’s for them all over the internet. There aren’t any real ones, which is why a site like “ps3hacks.com” is one of those fake sites that has couple of videos and the rest is just ads and links.

    I was looking at a more serious homebrew site the other day, the ps3 section was still completely blank, except for some literature about how to program the Cell BE and where to get development tools.

    There’s no custom firmware for ps3, and there’s not going to be, likely, ever. If there ever is, it would involve a mod and you would be sacrificing PSN forever. Not worth it.

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