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PS3? Is Blue Ray all you have?


Everytime some PS3 fan trys to dis on the 360 and say their PS3 is the shiz, seams all they can come up with is the PS3 has Blue Ray.Personally, I think the 360 is way better. I’ve owned both, and i sold the PS3 so i could get the Elite.

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  1. Hey Cody, In about 2 months Microsoft is gonna have a add on BLUE RAY PLAYER, so why dont you just go and play in trafic,

    XBOX 360 > PS3

  2. Dude, why not post this on the playstation section? That way we can all answer clearly?

    Anyway, blu-ray is not the only thing ps3 has. I’m not going to get into all the exclusives and stuff, ‘cuz I don’t need to. If you want something to put all 360 fanboys in their place here it is:

    Playstation 3 has a much less failure rate than the 360 does!

    Oh, here’s another one:

    playstation 3 has an internet browser!

  3. Xbox 360 has had a great line-up of games, and although PS3 is getting many great games this year, Xbox 360 is too.

    I personally prefer Xbox 360, and hope that ‘fanboys’ of every console (and PC) just grow up, and act mature. 😛

    P.S. and “adrianclay81882003” you are exactly the Fanboy (for PS3) that I am talking about.

    lol, you can buy an Xbox 360 (premium), and Wii and be less than the PS3 80 GB 😉

    *’Phoenix S’ deserves the best answer for this question xD

  4. @Phoenix S

    1000 times better – not backed up at all by your statements.

    in fact you cant say you can play all your xbox games. you need to download an “emulation profile” from the xbox site (meaning if you dont have a hard drive, you cant play them). the ps3 has “out-of-the-box” backwards compatibility for the 20, 60, and 80gb versions. dvd is not 1000 times better than blu ray. you have to pay for a wireless adaptor for your xbox 360 (included in the ps3 except 20gb)

    “With the online version on it, there is no way for you to connect with your friends and play friendly matches” what do you mean?!?

    halo and bioshock and gears of war are the only “worthwhile” games for the xbox 360 that anyone ever mentions. where are the good games that arent fps?

    games for ps3

    Final Fantasy XIII

    God of War III

    Gran Turismo 5





    Ratchet & Clank Future TOD

    Resistance: Fall of Man


    Star Ocean 4

    Tekken 6

    White Knight Chronicles

    just to name a few. (EXCLUSIVES)

    ps3 games use blu ray (superior technology) costing more

    ps3 is getting dualshock 3 (can get online now) for rumble

    controller is up to preference (i like dualshock controller personally)

    “xbox is getting/has the same games as the PS3”

    look above for PS3 ONLY games

    “frontlines, condemmed 2, army of 2”

    i havent heard of any of those games so i can’t comment

  5. No, the PS3 has more than just Blu-Ray.

    It’s ironic that you posted this in the Xbox section so that all of the Xbox fanboys could bash on this quesiton. You should have had the guts to post this in the Playstation section.

    I can’t believe you actually think that the Red Ring of Death Xbox 360 with no features is actually better than the PS3.

    The PS3 has more advanced technology than the Xbox 360, it’s got Free Online, More Built in features (WiFi, Flash Card Slots, Backwards compatibility with Thousands of PS1 and PS2 games, and most of all it’s REALIABLE and it’s a quiet console.

    The only thing Xbox fans say why the 360 is better than the PS3 is “more games and Xbox Live”. More than half of the 360’s games are just Crapware made by no-name developers and the only games even worth playing on the 360 are Gears of War, Halo 3, Bioshock, and Mass Effect ( a wannabe RPG that’s just a 3rd person shooter)

    You traded in the PS3 for a 360 Elite. ha ha ha! That’s the dumbest thing you’ll ever do. I bet when MGS4 comes out, you’ll be buying the PS3 AGAIN and the rest of you Xbox fans will be buying the PS3 too, so just do yourself a favor and chillout.

    The PS3’s biggest games are on the horizon: Killzone 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Gran Turismo 5, Haze, Resistance 2, God of War 3 and more. all the 360 has this year is Gears of War 2, Ninja Gaiden 2 and Halo Wars, give me a break, that’s nothing compared to the PS3.

    Microsoft is going to get Blu-Ray for the 360 from Sony, so you 360 fans can thank Sony for the upcoming Blu-Ray. Sony will be making money on you guys in the future so say want. Have fun sending in your Xbox 360 for repairs.

    Ken Kutaragi (Father of the Playstation) summed up the Xbox 360 easily, “The Xbox 360 is just a Xbox 1.5”, it doesn’t get anymore truthful than that.

  6. no i give this lad some credit, its true though, they seem to just say that they have a blu-ray player

    xbox 360 is 1000 times beter than a PS3, you can play all of your xbox games on it, the technology is the same if not better, the Ps3 boast a better proccessor, but there is only so much a game needs to be proccessed before its just wasting power,

    With the online version on it, there is no way for you to connect with your friends and play friendly matches, well that is if there is any games worth playing on the PS3, xbox has all of the worhtwhile games that PS3 have and some better ones, Halo3 for example, the most bought and played FPS that has ever been created, PS3 cannot boast that they have a better FPS or RPG games that xbox have, Haze, Killzone 2 (which the first was * so why do we want to play again), all of the Ps3 games are more expensive compared to the 360, let alone the console is more expensive, the controller setout is far less superior to the 360, the style is last centruy and you “updated technology” doesnt even allow for runble, one of the most basic and yet satisfying addition to the gaming society

    xbox is getting/has the same games as the PS3 and some better ones, like frontlines, condemmed 2, army of 2

    to sum it all up, just buy a 360 and a wii, thats value for your money

  7. You do realize PS3 got the jump on the gun? Blue Ray has offically been picked over HD DVD’s as the next high def video disk. So PS3 saw it coming and owned everybody.

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