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PS3 loses internet connection?


My PlayStation 3 (160GB) keeps dropping my internet connection. I have my PSN account set to sign in automatically, but most of the time it’s hit or miss whether or not it does. I usually have to go through the whole connection settings to get some internet connection for a while. Once it does connect, I hop onto Black Ops 2 multiplayer/zombies online, and it rarely loads a match, or it signs me out, drops connection, boots me out of the server, etc. I have it connected wirelessly, so I think it’s the router that’s the problem, any help would be great.

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  1. either the wifi signal has interference, or there is a configuration issue either on the ps3 or the router itself. try turning the wifi off, then shut the system off. then restart it and turn the wifi on again and make sure your network settings are right and that it automatically connects. Then shut the system off again. then turn it on again. i dont quite know why this fixed the issue on mine, but during start up, the ps3 will actually connect to the wifi network. And if the signal isnt quite strong enough for it to hold the internet, then this troubleshoot fails and you get the same issues. so try the troubleshooting i lined out above and if that doesnt work, move it closer to the router (and make sure the security of the router is a wpa2 network)

  2. Probably because your ps3 is in a bad spot like it’s harder for the signal to reach it or it’s by a lot of other stuff

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