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Ps3 or xbox?


I have a ps3 and i’m wondering which is actually a better console?

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  1. Oh man another PS3 vs 360 question.

    Just get both. trying to explain is pointless and time consuming.

  2. Everyone knows that X-box 360 is better console. I have always been a X-box 360 fan, but now I only own a PS3. I love the PS3 also, but I think that the X-box 360 is a million times better with much better graphics.

  3. Ps3! You can play Blu-Ray movies, have free online, extreme low failure rate, not to worry about 8-year olds screaming into the mic, holds a very high-tech graphics game on one disc, a whole lot more exclusives, (despite the hack from a couple months ago) it isn’t as easy to hack as the 360.

    The Xbox 360 is too easy to hack, somewhat high failure rate, you have to pay online, not as many exclusives as there use to be, has a lot of little brats screaming in fps games, only plays DVDs, and some games (like L.A. Noire) has 3 or 4 discs just so the hardware can handle it because of the advanced graphics technology.

    So Ps3 is better.

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