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PS3 red blinking light problem?


Hi there,

I turn my PS3 on, it works fine, everything loads, game’s load, internet works, hard drive reads and yet after about 10 minutes the Playstation shuts off, leaving a flashing red light that I stop by touching the off button. It shouldn’t be overheating, it is in an open area with good air flow, I have tried taking the hard drive and dusting it, still the same problem. Don’t want to have to send it off to get fixed for £80, so any ideas on the problem or solution would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks,


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  1. well its definitely not cooling properly go into game and buy a another fan that u can stick on the back that might help if it dosent your ps3 is eventually going to die

  2. Sometimes the hard drive can be buggered from it, try buying a cooling fan for it and leave your ps3 off for a day or 2

  3. You’ll need to open up the whole PS3 system if you want to fix the PS3 (this is a very risky solution, do it at your own risk). The hard drive probably has nothing to do with it.

    I do however, know how to fix it temporarily, as it worked on mine for an hour, then the problem occured again. I did this 3 times, and it worked every single time. This method will only keep your PS3 working for a short period of time. I’d advice if you ONLY do this to get the game disc out (that’s if there is any game disc currently stuck in your PS3).

    Wrap the PS3 (including vents) with something (like a towel). Get a hairdryer and set it on warm/hot (not too hot though), and blow it through the back vents. Let it blow through the vents for about 15mins, and then unwrap the PS3 and leave it to cool for 10-15mins. I’m not sure what this exactly does, but apparently this softens/melts solder joints, re-connecting some of them once they have cooled.

    Again, do this at your own risk. If I were you, I’d either get it fixed, or get a new one.

    Oh, and I think the reason why it might have overheated although you kept it in a place with good air flow, is that dust/materials might have been collected inside the system and vents. This will decrease the rate of air flow, therefore causing the overheating problem.

    To prevent this problem from happening, get a compressed air can and blast air into the vents. This will clear out most of the dust/materials from vents and ducts.

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