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Ps3 slim or super slim?


My ps3 just got YLOD yesterday, and i decide to buy a new one in malaysia ps3 slim 360gb and ps3 super slim 500gb has a same price (MYR 1069) so which is better?

Does super slim has a wifi

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  1. I only have the Slim for over 2 years now, no symptom of it dying ever.

    The only thing i hate about it is the cracking/popping noise it makes during just a short hour of use. Now, it has been discussed on forum that it’s just a design flaw and heat expansion causing it. There’s nothing to worry about though 🙂

    The super slim though looks like they made it partly glossy plastic again, which i hate the most in anything i own even if i don’t touch it. Gloss Sucks.

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