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Ps4, Xbox 720 wtf.?


Who here thinks that there not going to be made or showed in the 2012 E3! It’s kind of silly because they pretty maxed out both of those systems. Just because the WiiU is coming out doesn’t mean new systems are coming out as well. Well not till like 2018 or so

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  1. Xbox 720 and PS4? HAHA. The new Xbox system does not have a name and has not been shown to any employee other than the ones who are in the process of making it. As of now the last release was designers for the look. People who assume the name of things make me laugh. Also the abilities of the Kinect are much more than what the Xbox 360 limits have. With a new system they will be further unlocked. At a Tri core processor and 512 gigs of graphic memory an upgrade is sure to come as fast a the next gen processors can be made. This is a competitive market and if you miss the option to jump you will get left behind like Sega.

  2. Nintendo is not a serious gaming company in my opinion. The Wii is cool, it’s by no means competition to Xbox or PS3. Kinect basically makes Wii look outdated and PS Move further drives customers away from Wii. Microsoft, to my knowledge, has no intention of releasing a new version of Xbox anytime soon. Windows 8 will most likely be released before another Xbox. A lot of changes (software) are coming to Xbox which will essentially make them a version 2, no matter what hardware version you have (I have the 360 S). Plus, at this point switching platforms would be very difficult because of the players. PS2 and Xbox (original) had no onling gameplay of any recognition. Because of that, coming out with a new console isn’t really a big deal. Kinect does have online gameplay, but few people use it so it’s not serious online gameplay. If another Xbox came out tomorrow, a lot of people would stick with their 360 because their friends wouldn’t immediately upgrade so they’d have to play solo and a good amount of people would stick with the 360 because it’s what they know. If they want it to come out without any built up it would be a horrible business stragety, it would have to play 360 games and have Xbox Live features like 360 and there would most likely be a sudden stop of games coming out for the 360 right before it comes out so the manufacturers can get their new releases updated to a new version. There is definately no shortage of new games. As far as PlayStation, I really don’t know much about it, but they have the same problem as Xbox: Too many players online with friends. That’s a problem that’s going to be a challenge for Sony and Microsoft because it will inspire people to resist upgrading. Plus Kinect is relativly new. People just spent a lot of money on it and are not ready to abandon it to get a new console. Expect the 360 and PS3 to be around for quite a while, and definately dont expect it at E3, in 2012 at least.

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