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Putting mp3 music on a playstation 3?


Okay so i put music on my ps3 from my ipod so i can have custom stadium sounds for ncaa 11 and when the game read my music file it showed the song but would not let me select or preview and said that only Mp3’s can be previewed.

Aren’t music files mp3’s? And what can i do to have my music on the game?

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  1. MP3s are a type of music file, but just because it is a music file does not mean it is an MP3.

    Music files can be MP3, MP4, WAVE, WMA, AAC, ATRAC, etc (there are more, but the previously mentioned are the only files the PS3 is compatible with).

    If it is telling you only MP3s can be previewed, then you would need to convert your current music files into MP3 files.

    As far as getting the music on the game, I don’t have the game, nor do I know if the game supports music from the PS3, so someone else will have to give you advice on this question.

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